Entrepreneurship Real Estate

'Sela Binuy ID', The division of Investment and Real Estate in 'Amnon Mesilot Group', was founded in 2002. The company responsible for successful projects in construction for residency and commerce in Israel and around the world. 'Sela Binuy ID', Specializes in recognizing potential construction sites and positive investment opportunities.

 The company values

We believe in a quality product with a long shelf life, which offers the customer quality and pleasant use experience.

The company strictly applies advanced construction methods, uses a rich technical spec, high quality material, and high levels of planning and finishing.

The company uses the services of the best architects in the country, to create a unique and extraordinary  projects.

The company presents exceptional standards of innovation and imaginative, In the field of planning, marketing and customer services.

The company provides quality product and high value-for-investment.

The Personal care

We believe that quality does not end in quality of the materials and the products themselves, but continues to personal service.

We believe in cooperation with our customers, in warm care, that begins identifying needs, through the sharing of customers in the construction process.

The company invests in unique resources beyond the standard, for a full and uncompromising treatment to the homebuyers, from consultation to population and residence, via a separate, designated branch in the company – SELA+.

The company gives warm, personal care to every customer and believes in working with the customer and not only for him.