Amnon Mesilot Ltd

'Amnon Mesilot' was founded in 1968 by Mr. Amnon Sela, the Group President, and today it's an integral part of 'Amnon Mesilot Group'. The company specializes in providing solutions in the areas of organizational and institutional shuttles.

The company is the northern Israel’s largest transportation company.

The company operates 2,500 rides a day to factories, municipalities, and educational institutions.

The company employs 200 employees.

The company owns 150 buses, minibuses and special ride vehicles.

The company  serves 100 large, institutional customers and hundreds of other permanent The company has a self, highly advanced technical unit, maintaining high levels of readiness
of the motor pool.

The company has established the ‘Sela Da’at College’, transport College,  which trains and employs quality  drivers for the needs of the company and the group.

The company is one of the largest transportation companies in the shuttle Market.

Today, ‘Amnon Mesilot’ company, enjoys national coverage and is stationed at the top of the list for transportation companies in the country.