The Group

'Amnon Mesilot Group' is an entrepreneurship company and includes three divisions: Transportation Division: ‘Afikim’ Company and ‘Amnon Mesilot’ company. Training Division: ‘Sela Da’at’ Company. Investment and Real Estate Division: ‘Sela Construction and Investment’ Company.

The group started its activity 47 years ago, in 1968, as the group’s president Amnon Sela founded the ‘Amnon Mesilot’ transportation company, which specializes in organizational
and institutional transportation.
In 2002, the company’s operation was extended; the ‘Sela Construction and Investment’ Company was founded to specialize in real estate in Israel and elsewhere.
training for drivers In 2008, the group founded the ‘Sela Da’at’ college, at first in order provide at ‘Amnon Mesilot’ in Israel and elsewhere.
In 2010, after the company won a tender to operate transportation lines in Samaria,
the company founded the public transportation company ‘Afikim’.
In 2013, ‘Afikim’ purchased ‘Connex’ company’s ‘Veolia Transportation’ which operates over 100 public transportation lines around the country. The company was merged into ‘Afikim’ and established its dominance in the market.
In 2014, ‘Afikim’ won another tender to operate service lines in the Ashdod – Yavne cluster.
In 2015, ‘Afikim’ won another auction to operate service lines in Petach Tikva.
In 2016, ‘Afikim’ won another tender to operate service lines in Rosh ha’ain.

"Sela Holding aspires to find the most advanced technologies in the market and bring them to every field in which it operates in order to allow each one of the company varied clients a maximum quality of life. We believe that the quality of life expresses all thru out our lives, during a work day and en route to it, in the time we spend with our loved ones and in the environment that we live in. we believe that the little things matter no less than the big ones which is why in every one of the fields the company touches it puts the most effort and keeps a high level of quality and professionalism. "

Amnon Sela

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